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Henninger's is proud to offer pews by New Holland Church Furniture.

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New Holland's combination of timeless design, precise craftsmanship, and fine natural wood produce an investment that will last for generations. The New Holland philosopy is to exceed the customer’s requirements.
- Project coordination is often described as exemplary.
- On time delivery schedule is key to meeting the church's requirements.
- New Holland strives to exceed the expected quality.

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A Decision that Will Last for Generations
The decision you make to design and purchase church furniture are decisions that will influence your worship community for many generations.The New Holland Church Furniture team realizes the importance of your decision and will help you in every way possible.

Enhance, Embrace, and Engage
When selecting the seating arrangement for your new or renovated worship facility there are three very important questions to consider before making a final decision.
1. Does your seating arrangement enhance and create the building of your worship community?
2. Does your seating arrangement embrace the Sacred Space which is where the Word of God is delivered?
3. Does your seating arrangement help engage the community in their worship?

New Holland Church Furniture has earned the mark of quality workmanship. New Holland Church Furniture is a certified member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute. AWI is an independent non-profit organization that sets stringent, high standards for the woodworking industry nationwide. These independent quality standards are built into every New Holland Product. Consider choosing only a manufacturer who is a member of the AWI and meets their quality standards.

On-Time Delivery
Over the years New Holland has earned a superior track record of On-Time Delivery. To ensure on-time delivery, a project manager is assigned to your project and is responsible for coordinating project details. Project details start with material selection and continue through production and scheduling. When all of the project details have been completed, a confirmed delivery date will be assigned to the project.

The comfort of a pew will be a significant factor that will affect your worship experience. The comfort of your pews will be affected by:
- Body style
- Body dimensions and the degree of spacing between pews
- Individual sight lines to the front of the church
Ultimately, comfort is determined by your individual requirements. To accommodate your needs New Holland offers contoured wood seats and backs, upholstered seats and backs, spring seats or any combination of these choices.

Durability is an important factor and must be a major part of the decision to select a manufacturer. All pews are not created equal so it is very important to understand that what you do not see in a pew is equally important as what you do see. If inferior materials are used, both appearance and comfort may be affected if the foundation of the pew fails from the the use of inferior material. Be sure that you choose a manufacturer that does not use particle board in the manufacturing process.