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Just as the Liturgy of the Word is an essential and important part of the mass, the ambo is just as essential to the sanctuary of the church. "The design of the ambo and its prominent placement reflects the dignity and nobility of the saving word." -Built of Living Stone

Communion of Saints Parish - Cleveland Heights, OH

Communion of Saints Ambo

Design: Henninger's Inc.
Fabricator: The Italian Marble Company
Installer: Henninger's Inc.

St. Joseph Church - Circleville, OH

St Joseph Circleville Ambo

Design: Henninger's Inc.
Fabricator: Franco Spagnoli
Installer: Henninger's Inc.

St. Luke Church - Raleigh, NC

St. Luke Raleigh Ambo

Design: Henninger's Inc.
Fabricator: Franco Spagnoli
Installer: Henninger's Inc.

Our Lady of Grace Church - Lancaster, SC

marble altar by henningers

This ambo is made of with Nembro Rosato and Bianco Carrara marbles. The carved medallion on the front was salvaged from our marble warehouse. Our Lady of Grace's new church was dedicated on August 15, 2016.

Visitation Church - Akron, OH

Evangelist Ambo

Fr. A. Jonathan Zingales wanted to upgrade his ambo. The concept was an impressive wood and marble piece that fit nicely on the existing step. Henninger's designed the ambo using CAD software and fabricated it from wood and Bottacino Classico marble. The four Evangelist symbols were epoxied to the marble for a bold front to a beautifully designed and built ambo. When completed, Fr. Zingales commented, "I believe our Ambo dignifies the Word of God with a powerful visual symbol of its place in the celebration of the Eucharist."

St. Michael Church - Garden City, SC

St. Dominic Ambo

Fr. Ray Carlo picked out the hand carved marble Evangelist symbols from Henninger's warehouse as the front pieces to St. Michael's new ambo. The ambo's design uses a solid Bottacino cap on top of Rosso Alantide and Bottacino slabs. These stunning Four Evangelist symbols are an attractive decoration on a very impressive ambo.

St. Dominic Church - Youngstown, Ohio

St. Dominic Ambo

St. Dominic Church asked Henninger's to convert their stone ambo to a combination of wood and stone. The designs were made to keep the statue in the front and have a walk-up wood pulpit built around it. The final result is a stunning ambo with custom wood work that fit nicely into the sanctuary at St. Dominic Church.

St. Basil Church - Brecksville, Ohio

St. Basil Ambo

This ambo was created by using St. Basil's existing altar rails as sides and building the center with marble and mosaic tile. This design flowed beautifully with their altar and completed the connection between the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.


Christ the King Church - Athens, Ohio

Christ the King Athens Lectern

This lectern was built by Henninger's woodworkers after working closely with Christ the King Church. After the vertical wood beams were designed, the top was changed from a V-shape to a traditional slanted book holder.


St. John Cantius Church - Cleveland, Ohio

St. John Cantius Ambo

St. John Cantius Church had this ambo built in Italy out of Carrera marble. From the sketch in the upper left, architectural drawings were made, then Henninger's had it built by Bartsani Marble and Mosaic in Italy. Once it was imported to Cleveland, Henninger's expert installers built it into place.