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The sections of books below represent the best-sellers to churches. We do not list our religious trade titles online since new books are constantly coming in and our stock is always rotating. Please call to order any book - our distributer carries millions of titles, religious or not. With few exceptions, we can obtain any book for you, your program, or class within one week.

 Book of the Chair
Book of Gospels

 Bibles for Students
Book of Gospels

Book Covers
Book of Gospels

Book of Gospels
Book of Gospels

The Roman Missal Third EditionPyxes and Burses

Calendars, Church Record Books, & LTP Annuals
Church Record Books


  Liturgy of the HoursLiturgy of the Hours

Rite BooksRite Books

Book of Gospels



Henninger's has been a bookstore for over 25 years. We are committed to keeping Liturgical Books in stock and being a resource for the Clergy and Religious for all of their book needs. Big box stores, the internet, direct marketing from publishers, and hand-held reading devices have all been threats to our book business, but we will always be a locally owned and operated bookstore. Please email or call us at (800) 362-0217 with any questions.