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Henninger’s works everyday in churches, providing high quality products and services, to glorify God and beautify His house.” 

"Traditionally the stations have been arranged around the walls of the nave of the church ... or even the exterior of the church, marking the devotion as the true journey." - Built of Living Stone. Henninger's has assisted many churches in supplying or restoring Stations of the Cross. We have experience in both indoor and outdoor stations and understand the role they play in the liturgy.

Jesuit Retreat House - Parma, Ohio

Jesuit Retreat House Stations

This outdoor set of Stations of the Cross winds around the property at Jesuit Retreat House. The white part of the Stations were made in fiberglass by Demetz Art Studio of Italy. Henninger's woodworkers attached them to custom posts and square backgrounds, then installed them onsite. The single-tone fiberglass is suitable for outdoor use.


St. Paul Church - North Canton, Ohio

St. Paul North Canton Stations

Henninger's artists repaired and repainted the Stations of these Cross from St. Paul Church. The previous paint job was in flat, gaudy colors. Our artists provided a soft touch and realistic depth to the skin tone, garments, and all other details. There were over fifty figures on the fourteen stations plus two angels on each base, so this job was like 75 statue restorations rolled into one.


Incarnate Word Convent - Parma Heights, Ohio

Incarnate Word Convent Stations

These Stations of the Cross are a combination of bronze figures made by Regal Bronze and wooden crosses. We made mock-up designs to see how the stations would fit into their prayer garden. Finally, the new wood crosses were made and installed with the bronze stations attached.


Free Estimates

Free Estimates on Stations

Henninger's is happy to provide estimates to repair or repaint stations. Our artists are skilled at restorations in plaster and wood. The exceptional craftsmanship that went into making plaster stations many decades ago is a lost art. We feel honored to bring new life to these old treasures.