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The addition of an in-house stained glass studio has dramatically changed Henninger's business. It has grown each year and constantly challenges us to think creatively. Our artists have many years of experience in multiple aspects of stained glass windows. We have releaded old windows to bring them strength and restore their beauty. We have resized windows by adding or subtracting to borders to fit into different window frames. We have also fabricated stained glass in many styles, from colored glass to saints and symbols with heavy matting. Please email or call us at (800) 362-0217 with any questions.

St. Paul the Apostle Church - Westerville, Ohio

Stained Glass Westerville

St Paul Westerville Rose Window Design St Paul Westerville Rose Window


St. Paul Westerville Stained Glass

Henninger's Stained Glass studio is currently making stained glass windows for St. Paul the Apostle's new church which celebrated its dedication in June. Most windows are resized from existing panels in various sizes. Forty windows will be made new depicting forty different saints. When completed, Henninger's will have provided 164 stained glass windows for St. Paul.

Westerville Crossing Tower Installation