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Resizing stained glass is taking an old window and adding to or subtracting from the border to make it fit into an existing frame. Henninger's warehouse is filled with crates of stained glass windows. We are doing our best to find new homes for these windows and are doing so by the process of stained glass resizing.

St. Paul Church - North Canton, Ohio

St. Paul North Canton Stained Glass

St. Paul Church had many of their windows resized by Henninger's stained glass artists. This particular window is a depiction of St. Ann and Mary. The existing window was taken apart and releaded. Then columns were added to the sides and a new bottom panel was fabricated to fit the frame.


St. Vincent de Paul Church - Elyria, Ohio

St. Vincent de Paul Resizing Stained Glass

These windows were from St. Vitus Church in Lorain, Ohio which resently closed. Henninger's artists designed an expansion of the windows to fit the frames in St. Vincent de Paul. A red background was added to each window and the St. Therese window had new columns and a new landscape made. This process makes it possible for parishioners of a closed parish see the windows they love in a new space.


Free Estimates on Resizing

Workers Releading Stained Glass Windows

If you are interested in purchasing a used stained glass window for your church, but can't find a good fit to your frames, let Henninger's design a new layout for a magnificent piece of art. Your church can be a part of an amazing restoration process and your worship space can be brightened at the same time. Please feel free to call us at (800) 362-0217 or email us with any questions.