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Many older stained glass windows are in need of releading. This is the process of taking the windows out the frame, taking them apart, and glazing them with new lead. It strengthens the stained glass window and makes it look much cleaner. You can tell if your windows need to be releaded by picking at a piece of lead to see if it peels up or falls off.

St. Leo the Great Church - Cleveland, Ohio

St. Leo the Great Stained Glass

This stained glass window was from Blessed Sacrament Church in Cleveland, which recently closed. Its diameter is 12 feet with 16 panels; much larger than most existing window openings. St. Leo had the window releaded by Henninger's then installed in a new shadow bow. This custom shadow box made it possible to display the window in their Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.


John Carroll University - University Heights, Ohio

JCU Stained Glass

John Carroll University had these two windows releaded by Henninger's. They were originally from St. Catherine Church in Cleveland which closed recently. The windows depict St. Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius of Loyola, two prominent saints for a Jesuit institution. We made shadow boxes for the windows and installed them on site.


Free Estimates on Releading

Workers Releading Stained Glass Windows

A good ballpark price to have a window releaded is $125 per square foot. It can vary depending on the complexity of the window and if there are any repairs necessary. After adding in the cost of removal and installation, it is an affordable maintenance project. Please feel free to call us at (800) 362-0217 or email us with any questions.