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Henninger's has been servicing kneelers and seat cushions for decades. We are happy to look at your kneelers to determine if repair or replacement is necessary. Estimates are free, so don't hesitate to contact us. Please email or call us at (800) 362-0217 with any questions.

New KneelersAtwood Hamlin Kneelers

Silent, Comfortable, Durable.

More than 40 years ago a patent was issued for a kneeler design that made old fashioned wooden kneelers obsolete. As with today's Atwood-Hamlin Kneeler, the original Hamlin design featured sturdy, lightweight metal construction with comfortable upholstered padding. After more than 40 years of continuous use in churches throughout America, Hamlin kneelers are still in service, thanks to flexible features like replaceable pads and legs. Over the years, the exclusive design features have been backed by Hamlin's highest quality craftsmanship and materials.

Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist - Cleveland, Ohio

Henninger's is very proud of our recent renovation of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Cleveland, Ohio. Our crew began work on the day after Christmas and finished before Holy Week. An incredible amount of work was done during that span, working nights and weekends to accomodate the Cathedral's busy mass schedule.

Pew Kneeler Parts

Below are some of the most common pew kneeler parts from Atwood Hamlin. Other parts are available upon request. Please call us with any questions on measuring, sizing, or quantity.


Type "F-4"
Type "F-8"
Type "L"
Type "R"
Type "S"
Type "T"
Type "PA"
Type "CN"
Type "SRB"
Type "DRB"

Type "F-4" Nylon Bushing
1/4" Gap Replacement Bushing
$0.40 / each

Type "F-8" Nylon Bushing
1/8" Gap Replacement Bushing
$0.40 / each




Type "L" Rubber Foot
Inside: 5/8" x 1 7/8"
Outside: 1 1/8" x 2 1/2" x 1/2" Tall
$1.80 / each

Type "R" Rubber Stop
Replacement rubber stop for old brackets
$0.35 / each




Type "S" Spacer
Fill gap of loose pivoting kneeler
$0.16 / each

Type "T" Kneeler Mounting Stud
Replacement stud for loose pin brackets
$1.55 / each




Type "PA" Pew Anchor
90° Pew anchor
$2.10 / each

Type "CN" Corner Brace (Zinc Plated)
90° Pew anchor
$0.80 / each


Type "SRB" Single Rubber Bumper
5/8" diameter, 3/8" Height
For wooden kneelers; 1 washer in bumper
$0.85 / each

Type "DRB" Double Rubber Bumper
1 1/2" long, 5/8" diameter, 1/2" Height
For wooden kneelers; 2 washers in bumper
$1.60 / each




Vinyl Options for KneelersVinyl Options for Hamlin Kneelers

Exceptional features for durability and comfort.

Hamlin Kneelers stand up to years of use because the support frames are made of heavy gauge metal. The thick plywood kneeler base features specially formulated, non-crumbling polyeurethane foam padding, covered with wear resistant vinyl upholstery in your choice of colors. Nylon bearings, rubber shock absorbers and newly designed intergrated rubber foot pads combine to ensure silent operation.

Contact Henninger's at (800) 362-0217 or e-mail us for a quote for new kneelers, replacement pads, or replacement hardware. We are happy to go over the options and explain the Atwood-Hamlin products.

New Pew Cushions

Atwood Hamlin Pew Cushions

Atwood-Hamlin offers many options for pew cushions. Pew Form Cushions (pictured in upper left above) form to the contour shape of the pew seat. These cushions are an economical solution for extended pew life or refurbishment. The drop front style (pictured in bottom left above) cover damaged or worn pew front edges. Reversible pew cushions (pictured on right above) are a low cost option that combine quality workmanship and tailored appearance with the utility of removable zippered coverings. They can be made in virtually any length and can even be made in perfectly curved sections.

Fabric Options for Pew CushionFabric options for pew cushions

If your church is considering adding pew cushions or replacing cushions on seats, prie dieus or any other church furniture, contact Henninger's at (800) 362-0217 or e-mail us for more information. We can take measurements, get prices, and explain different options available.