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Slabbinck LogoSlabbinck 5006 Chasubles $1,800.00 each


Standard size on chasubles:
A=width 59
B=length 53"

Calligraphy vestment


These chasubles are the latest design by Slabbinck. They feature the artwork of Brody Neuenschwander, an American text artist living in Bruges. This line of vestments reflect his calligraphic style and explore the boundaries between text and image. They are digital prints in Pius, a 100% Trevira fabric with an inside stole. Each chasuble has a story and integrates traditional Latin texts with modern artistic designs:

Green Vestment
"The rich, layered greens of this Ordinary time chasuble remind us that the liturgy of the Church is a source of life and energy. On the right side of the chasuble is a page from a medieval bible, written in dense and dramatic Gothic script. This represents the preaching of the Gospel, the central work of the Church. To the left is an explosion of bold, yellow calligraphy. This reads “Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth” from the Sanctus of the Mass. No text more forcefully states the role of the Church in sanctifying life and praising the Creator."

White Vestment
"This parchment-white chasuble features the most important words of the liturgy for the Easter vigil: Lumen Christi. Deo Gratias. These words are recited as the Paschal candle is processed up the aisle of the church on Saturday of Holy Week. Beneath these words, serving as the background to the design, is a detail from an 11th century German manuscript made for Bishop Meinwerk of Paderborn. The illumination is a fragment of the letter L (for Liber, book) decorated with Celtic knot-work, a symbol of eternity. The letter floats on waves flowing over the entire width of the chasuble. These can be taken to symbolize the water in which the Paschal candle is baptized, as well as the rebirth of the faithful as they repeat their baptismal vows in the Easter liturgy."

Purple Vestment
"The text that runs over the entire surface of this Advent chasuble is the Magnificat, one of the most beautiful and ancient of the Church’s liturgical songs. In the Magnificat the humility of Mary and the obedience of the people of Israel to the Lord are emphasized. The colors vary from ultramarine blue to royal purple, giving the impression of the night sky. At the center, an ecstatic band of abstract calligraphy in gold and ochre represents the light of Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit. A sun can be seen rising just over the heart of the celebrant. But this sun can also be interpreted as the consecrated host."

Red Vestment
"This red chasuble incorporates many references to the Feast of Pentecost. In the background is a detail of the Pentecost mosaic from San Marco in Venice. The center of the mosaic is placed over the heart of the priest and carries the dove, from which radiate twelve rays symbolizing the apostles. At the edge of the garment one can see the arches of the cupola’s windows. These frame the chasuble and echo the monumental capital letters that hover in the background. In the foreground is a bold calligraphy in golden yellow. The text is the "Veni Creator Spiritus", sung in the Pentecost liturgy. At the very center of the design is the word Creator, emphasizing Pentecost as the feast of the creation of the Church and the celebrant as the representative of God’s creative presence in the world."

Please allow 4-6 weeks for chasuble set orders from Slabbinck. If you need your order sooner, please use the "shipping instructions or comments" box during checkout to inform us of any deadline.

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