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Henninger's team has designed and fabricated numerous Baptismal Fonts in multiple mediums. "Because the rites of initiation of the Church begin with baptism and are completed by the reception of the Eucharist, the baptismal font and its location reflect the Christian's journey through the waters of Baptism to the altar." - Built of Living Stone

St. Luke Church - Raleigh, NC

St. Luke Raleigh Baptismal Font

Design: Henninger's Inc.
Fabricator: Franco Spagnoli
Installer: Henninger's Inc.

St. Jude Church - Columbiana, OH

St. Jude Columbiana Baptismal Font

Design: Henninger's Inc.
Fabricator: Franco Spagnoli
Installer: Henninger's Inc.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church - Niles, OH

OLMC Baptismal Font

This baptismal font was newly fabricated to fit into the overall theme of the church's renovation - white and green marble. It was designed and executed in-house by Henninger's artists and craftsmen. The bowl is one solid piece of marble hollowed and carved into shape. The base is octagonal with an access panel to a pump that operates the running water feature.

St. Michael Church - Garden City, SC

St. Julie Billiart Baptismal Font

A used Baptismal Font originally from St. Margaret of Hungary Church was selected for St. Michael's new church. The top and plaques were removed and the mosaic was covered with matching Rosso Atlantide marble. Finally, the bowl of the font was hollowed out using a machine that Henninger's made just for this purpose.

St. Julie Billiart Church - North Ridgeville, Ohio

St. Julie Billiart Baptismal Font

Custom baptismal font made in wood and brass. Our woodworkers used this drawing of the proposed baptismal font to build it from the ground up. From concept to creation, the baptismal font was a response to St. Julie Billiart's desires.

St. Elias Church - Brooklyn, Ohio

St. Elias Baptismal Font

This baptismal font is a combination of form and function. St. Elias Church wanted an attached cabinet and counter. The font was constructed out of marble, wood, glass, stainless steel, and brass.


Regina High School Chapel - South Euclid, Ohio

Regina Baptismal Font

Regina High School commissioned Henninger's to renovate its chapel, including designing and fabricating this new baptismal font. The wood was cut, warped, and stained, the marble was cut and polished, and the glass bowl was cut from a sheet of textured glass and molded into a bowl by our stained glass artists.